Lighting diagram -shoot manon-

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For today’s studio test with fujifilm X-T2 I would like to show you the light set up as well.

As allways I work with Einstein flashheads and / or with Elinchrome Hybrids.  the light in the backgroud is used for a little rim light on the models face and to add some intrest to the background. the fabric over the beautydish (B) helps to soften the light a little bit. The deep octa is the main light.

Regarding the camera.. Mybe the X-T2 is not really the kind of camera you would like to use all the time for model shoots in the studio, but It could be me.. as the camera is just out of the box and and the (great feature) of focus peeking takes a little getting used too.. 🙂 (I’ll keep you posted on that one)

lighting diagram by XLphoto

And of course a big thank you for model Manon who was in the studio today.