cursus nieuws over fotografie cursus in de Hoekse Waard

Natuurlijk ook foto nieuws uit de fotostudio in Oud-beijerland

Lighting diagram -shoot manon-

For today’s studio test with fujifilm X-T2 I would like to show you the light set up as well.

As allways I work with Einstein flashheads and / or with Elinchrome Hybrids.  the light in the backgroud is used for a little rim light on the models face and to add some intrest to the background. the fabric over the beautydish (B) helps to soften the light a little bit. The deep octa is the main light.

Regarding the camera.. Mybe the X-T2 is not really the kind of camera you would like to use all the time for model shoots in the studio, but It could be me.. as the camera is just out of the box and and the (great feature) of focus peeking takes a little getting used too.. 🙂 (I’ll keep you posted on that one)

lighting diagram by XLphoto

And of course a big thank you for model Manon who was in the studio today.


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Shoot Lesley

A small selection of work after a few hours in the studio with model Lesley for Les is More and mua Sandra from - Lesley-4138 - Lesley-4201 - Lesley-4235 - Lesley-4153 - Lesley-4204 - Lesley-4352

And some behind the scene shots as well. - Lesley-1922 - Lesley-1930 - Lesley-1958

As allways.. It was lovely to work with you both! Looking forward to our next project!


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This Burlesque milk corset was custom made for Kelly Van Hoorde Belgian International Model.

We created this liquid garment using nothing but milk..

milk corset

Milk corset

More milkdress photo’s on this link and most of my recent work can be found on Instagram. And if you like.. please follow me there.

For those who are interested.. the materials used for this shoot: Nikon, D800 Manfrotto Imagine More, GoPro, FotoFlitsElinchrom LTDSigma lensesRainbow Dust Colours Ltd and more..
All team members were found earlyer on FB page (dutch) Modellen, Fotografen en Visagisten.
The shoot, postprocess and edit have been done @ XLphoto fotografie studio

For all link lovers out there..

Behind the scene:

English page:

Photo page (milkdresses included):

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Xlphoto op FB:

And some behind the screen material.. - small-3 - small-3-2 - small-4 - small-0101

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after a few hours of experimenting together with Evert & Jeroen this came out.. I really need to get more equipment to do this 😉 - drips-2610 - drips-2682 - drips-2693

Some fine tuning regarding lens length, Dof, and (dust spects in the water??) defenitly need some more attention next time..



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best of 2016

To keep it just under one pic for every week of the year… these are the amongst my personal favourites for 2016.

I wish all who visit here a wonderfull and creative 2017!

Cheers! Jeroen / XLphoto

click here if you like to follow me on instagram - best of 2016-4634 - best of 2016-6141 - best of 2016-5097 - best of 2016-5951 - best of 2016-6170 - best of 2016-3412 - best of 2016-3158 - best of 2016-3002 - best of - best of 2016-5540 - best of 2016-2317 - best of 2016-2830 - best of 2016-2708 - best of 2016-2484 - best of 2016-2257 - best of 2016-2221 - best of 2016-2157 - best of 2016-1939 - best of 2016-1791 - best of 2016-1720 - best of 2016-1192 - best of 2016-0367 - best of 2016-0151 - best of 2016-0072 - best of 2016-0055 - best of 2016--5 - best of 2016--4 - best of 2016-2 - best of - best of 2016--3 - best of 2016--2   XLphoto Michelle-gala milkdress-small-websize - best of 2016-8107 - best of 2016-8292 - best of 2016-7805 - best of 2016-7628 - best of 2016-7117 - best of 2016-7099 - best of 2016-7078 - best of 2016-6970 - best of 2016-6915 - best of 2016-6548 - best of 2016-6221 - best of 2016- - Maternity Milk dress with model Didi - 50x50 web-0072

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